OPC Netlistener

OPC Netlistener 2.28

OPC-Server as a gateway from your automation system to an ethernet network
2.28 (See all)

The server allows supervising device processes (watchdog) and provides the operator with the CPU load data as an OPC variable. In addition it shows the CPU load of the host computer.
The server sends ICMP (ping) or SNMP-requests to the supervising hosts, and presents these as an OPC-item. Or it supervises cyclical processes on the host to check for program errors.
OPC-Server as a gateway from your automation system to an ethernet network. In order to test the server, you can also use the TestClient (SNMPVariableBuilder) included in your scope of delivery or any other OPC-client (for example Matrikon – OPC – Explorer).
With SNMPVariableBuilder, a simple MIB-Browser, can generate your OPC-Items with one click. You only have to click on one OID item and copy the built string onto your OPC-Client. You can also test the built variable against the OPC-Server.
The SNMPVariableBuilder can search the device for SNMP OIDs and show them to you. With one click on any one entry, you create the OPC-Item to be used in the OPC-Netlistener.
Main features:
- detect Ethernet errors early. It provides a transparent Ethernet.
- Supervision of various network loads and applications.
- Information on the state of the network.
- Easy integration into your HMI through OPC.
- Option to program your own network management applications in your SCADA.
- Easy to use through known visualization software.

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